How are you different than EOS®?

Over the past few decades, the principles of the Rockefeller Habits have made their way into the expansive realm of small to medium-sized businesses. Previously confined to the domain of the most prominent global corporations, these habits have now become available for implementation by companies of all scales.

We built a better system for business owners & leadership teams...​

The only framework that combines the system and soul of your business to create breakthrough.

"I found EOS too rigid and heartless for my team."

We get it - so did we...

We’ve researched world-class KPIs and leading business operating structures like Scaling Up!, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, OKRs and others. 
EOS’s strength is in creating a strong system of processes and procedures to scale your company. However, the problem with focusing on systems in a silo is that we neglect the people that make those systems work.
That’s where System & Soul (S2) is a great evolution from EOS in the lineage of business frameworks.

System & Soul (S2) is the only business framework built on the humanity of the organization. 

A comparison between System & Soul and EOS®

Bring Predictable Success to Your Organization

You don’t have to guess at how to grow!

While any organization can and would benefit from System & Soul (S2), it’s been found to be ideal for companies with $2 million or more in annual revenue and 10+ full-time employees.

System & Soul (S2) is industry-agnostic because it is a framework instead of being a specific method of industry operations or playbook.

Growth Acceleration for Stage I & II Entrepreneurial Companies with $1M - $50M in Annual Revenue

Get the System & Soul Framework and align everyone in your company around a shared vision to create focus on your strategy so that you can execute confidently.

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