How Do I Improve Employee Morale?

by Zach Montroy

Yes, we’ve all heard the buzz around terms like “quiet quitting” and “resenteeism.” Workers aren’t very happy at the moment. Is it all hype? Not really. Gallup estimates that at least 50% of the US workforce is just doing the bare minimum in their jobs. At this point, morale isn’t great. As a leader, this impacts your bottom line, your company’s future, and even your mood around the office. So, what can you do?

How Do I Improve Employee Morale?

The first step in improving what’s broken is to understand what’s wrong in the first place. Even though we’re all sick of hearing about the pandemic, its effects will continue to linger in our collective psyches for some time. People are exhausted from overwork, parenting while working, financial strain, underappreciation, and lack of work/life alignment. No wonder they’re not in a great mood. What’s the answer? 

  • Listen and understand 

Brushing off people’s lived experience is the quickest way to lose their trust and engagement. Even if you’re doing great, recognize that lots of people are not. Sit for a moment with empathy before you move on.

  • Do a vision temperature check

Is your team aligned on your purpose and goals? If everyone feels motivated by the direction you’re headed, it’s much easier to boost morale. Stop and determine what your company is actually trying to achieve, and how your team can engage with the mission.

  • See if people are placed correctly

Often, morale is low because folks aren’t doing the jobs that light them up. Figure out the Working Genius of everyone on your team, and make sure that everyone’s operating within that scope. 

  • Invest in your people

Spend time with each of your employees, getting to know their dreams for the future. See what motivates them and then help them pursue it. Offer opportunities for professional development and networking. 

  • Communicate effectively

When people don’t understand what’s happening and why, they feel discouraged. Think about your communication systems, and see what needs to be overhauled. Think about where communication is breaking down, and take steps to improve.

  • Promote work/life alignment and be flexible

Though it’s important that everyone do their jobs to the best of their ability, it’s just as critical to think outside the box when it comes to employee responsibilities. Are there ways to facilitate your team’s needs as well as the needs of the company?

How Can Coaching Help You Improve Employee Morale?

Consider enlisting some outside help. The Intention Collective works to promote positive, thriving company cultures where teams are upbeat and enjoy the work that they do. We can help by:

  • Building trust

We implement tools like the DiSC assessment, the Enneagram, and 5 Features of a Cohesive Team to help employers rebuild trust in their organizations.

  • Fostering unique abilities

We offer workshops that hone in on your employee’s individual strengths. We use assessments like the Working Genius, Strengths Finder, Kolbe Assessment, and more. Once everyone feels seen and understood, it’s much easier to feel positive about the work ahead. 

  • Promoting cultural change

Sometimes, there’s a lot that needs to shift in order to improve employee morale. We use the Dare to Lead framework as a tool to come alongside you as a leader and help you work through difficult challenges. Culture shift is sometimes a prerequisite to better employee morale.

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