Nurturing Precision and Minimizing Impatience: Motivating “C” Team Members

by Raquel Hubbard

Great leaders recognize the diversity of strengths in their organization. The best teams have a wide range of personalities and styles – and the best managers know how to maximize both. One of the ways I recommend that leaders do this is by using tools like personality tests to assess the people on their teams. The DISC personality test is one of my favorites – it offers four distinct personality styles – the Dominant, Influencing, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Today, we will focus on the “C” style personality from the DISC assessment, known for its analytical and detail-oriented approach. We will explore strategies to motivate individuals with a “C” style and learn how to avoid impatience while managing them.

Understanding the “C” Style Personality

First, let’s talk about a common trend that may be impacting your relationship with the “C” members of your team. If you’re a leader, founder, or manager, you’re more likely to have one of the other personality types…and there’s a risk that you’ll overlook or fail to appreciate all that the “C” has to offer since it’s different from your approach. Don’t miss all that your “C” has to contribute! The “C” in the DISC model represents the Conscientiousness or Compliant style. Individuals with this personality type are typically precise, analytical, detail-oriented, and value accuracy. They thrive on structure, logic, and facts. 

Appreciate Their Attention to Detail

You can’t grow a healthy organization without the contribution of some “C” types. “Cs” are meticulous and have a keen eye for detail. Recognize and appreciate their thoroughness and precision in their work. Acknowledge the value they bring to the team by ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors. Reinforce their sense of pride in producing high-quality results. This is especially true if you don’t feel strong in this area. Rely on their gifts. 

Provide Clear Guidelines and Expectations…and Be Patient

To avoid any misunderstandings or ambiguity, provide “C” personalities with clear guidelines, well-defined expectations, and specific deadlines. They appreciate structure and thrive when they have a well-defined framework to work within. Providing clarity enables them to channel their analytical nature effectively. “C” personalities value accuracy and precision. Be patient and avoid pressuring them for quick results, as it may lead to stress and reduced performance. Understand that their commitment to perfection may take additional time, but the outcome will likely be of higher quality.

Encourage Their Research and Learning

“C” personalities have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy researching and analyzing information. Encourage their curiosity and support their pursuit of continuous learning. Provide access to resources and opportunities for professional development. Demonstrating your commitment to their intellectual growth will motivate and engage them.

Allow Time for Reflection and Planning

“C” personalities thrive when they have sufficient time for analysis, reflection, and strategic planning. Avoid rushing them into making hasty decisions. Allow them the necessary space to examine facts and consider all angles. Their thoughtful approach can lead to well-informed decisions and creative problem-solving. Plan ahead and allocate sufficient time for their analytical processes. Avoid last-minute requests or sudden changes that can disrupt their flow.

Be Open to Questions and Feedback

“C” personalities have a natural inclination to ask questions and seek clarity. Encourage an open-door policy where they feel comfortable approaching you for discussions and seeking feedback. Provide thoughtful responses and appreciate their desire for deeper understanding.

Balance Structure and Flexibility

While “C” personalities thrive on structure, it is essential to balance it with some flexibility. Avoid unnecessary micromanagement and allow them to work independently within established parameters. Provide opportunities for creative problem-solving and encourage innovation within their analytical framework.

Ready to Learn More?

We know how difficult it can be to manage a team of highly diverse individuals. If you’re ready for some support in helping your organization grow in a healthy way, we’re here for you. Reach out to The Intention Collective – we offer training, resources, and coaching.

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