The Power of Fact Finding: Why Your Kolbe Style Matters

by Raquel Hubbard

When you’re facing a challenge, how do you respond? Do you immediately start by looking for information? It’s a strategy employed by many people, and the Kolbe Index has a unique way of quantifying this specific response. It’s called the Fact Finder mode – one of four action modes in the Kolbe Index. Today, we’ll dig into this particular mode and appreciate its power – both in the workplace and in the larger world…and we’ll focus on managing people with this particular strength.

What is the Fact Finder Mode? 

Fact Finder is one of the four action modes in the Kolbe Index, focusing on our natural inclination to seek and process information. It measures our desire for detail, thoroughness, and our approach to problem-solving through research and analysis. The Fact Finder scale provides insights into the depth and extent to which we engage with information. The higher the score, the more that an individual prefers and gravitates toward this mode when working to solve problems. 

The Significance of the Fact Finder Style

Why does it matter? It’s a good way to understand how an individual approaches decision making. A high Fact Finder score suggests that they value and prioritize gathering comprehensive information before making choices. This ensures that they have a strong foundation of knowledge and facts to base their decisions on, leading to more informed and confident choices. Whether you’re learning about your own score or hoping to learn about your team, this goes a long way toward understanding why a Fact Finder might immediately dig into research when faced with a problem.

What Are Fact Finders Like? 

Fact Finders excel in gathering, organizing, and analyzing data. They possess a natural inclination to seek out relevant information, identify patterns, and uncover insights that can drive effective problem-solving. Fact Finders believe the answer lies in the research. 

High Fact Finders have a great attention to detail and a meticulous approach to tasks. They excel in roles or fields that require accuracy, precision, and thoroughness, such as research, finance, or quality control. They’re drawn to knowledge, and they’ll often expand their understanding of various subjects on their own. They’re thirsty for learning and can dive deep into new topics. 

Leveraging the Fact Finder Style on Your Team

Funnel the Fact Finders on your team into areas where they can use their talent for extensive research and analysis. Let them loose on tasks that require data and scientific investigation. Help them develop efficient organizational strategies so they can streamline the information they glean. Use this system to help benefit your entire team – they’ll thank you. 

Integrate Your Fact Finders:

Not everyone will share the Fact Finder style. As a leader, you have the opportunity to help your Fact Finders collaborate with those of different strengths so the diversity of the team can shine. Work on ways for all the types in your organization to communicate and collaborate. 

Encourage your Fact Finders to seek continuous learning opportunities so they can cultivate their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Give them time and space to engage in activities that expand their understanding of various subjects and disciplines. Enable them to attend workshops, conferences, or enroll in courses that align with their interests.

Take Advantage of Knowledgeable Support

Leading a diverse team isn’t easy. If this topic has gotten your wheels turning, we’d love to partner with you. The Intention Collective works with expertise, skill, and experience in helping leaders and organizations grow and thrive…just as they are. Connect with us to book a consultation

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