Why Isn’t My Company Growing?

by Zach Montroy

You’ve been putting all the pieces in place, but something isn’t adding up. Despite having many of the elements that should add up to success, it isn’t working. You’re asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong? Where should I go from here?” Though everything looks like it should be moving forward, you seem to be standing still instead. What’s the reason?

Why Isn’t My Company Growing?

In our experience at The Intention Collective, growth is about much more than the right metrics. There’s a human component that can help or hurt your chances of success. Though many will advise you to look at numbers and data, the answer is often found in your team itself. A dysfunctional team will keep a team stuck.

  • Your team isn’t on the same page

Here’s where we see many companies hit a wall. Sure, everyone may have been hired to complete a shared goal…but if everyone’s disagreeing on how to make things happen, it’s likely that no progress is being made. 

  • There’s no trust

Trust nurtures success. If your employees doubt you or each other, they’re not making the right moves to achieve growth. When people don’t understand one another, and don’t see the reasons behind each other’s actions, trust erodes.

  • Your people are in the wrong seats

Great leaders know the strengths and weaknesses of everyone on their team. If you haven’t quite achieved that level of knowledge, it can hurt your company’s success. When people don’t fit the role to which they’ve been assigned, there’s no forward momentum. 

  • You’re avoiding the hard conversations

Here’s where you’ll need to get really introspective. Great leadership involves plenty of tension, and tough topics are part of the job. If you’ve been avoiding these types of conversations because you don’t want to face the unpleasant reality – it will bite you in the end.

Where Should I Go From Here?

You don’t just need a few tweaks – you likely need a cultural overhaul. Unless your company can shift from dissension and disagreement into harmony and alignment, you’re going to continue to stall out. It’s just a reality. 

How can you do it? There are tons of resources – including amazing blogs, podcasts, books, and assessments. We’d recommend beginning with our free guide – it’s all about building a high performance team within your current constraints. 

Enlist Some Help

If you’ve been in the weeds for awhile, you may struggle to know how to grab a hold. After all, changing the culture of your entire company can feel daunting, especially when you’re also working to increase revenue and – you know – keep the actual company afloat.

In this case, it’s a great idea to call in some expert voices. At The Intention Collective, we offer a wide range of support and strategies, and we’ve worked with many companies to push past roadblocks and work toward success.

We use tools like the DiSC, Strengths Finder, the System & Soul Framework, and more. We’re experienced in figuring out the best fit for your team members, and we won’t duck out as soon as we’ve delivered our assessments. Our model involves a partnership – we’ll stick it out with you as change is happening.

If necessary, we even offer fractional leadership to help support your team through some of the most difficult transitions. We understand that it’s not easy to juggle all the competing needs of a growing company, and we’d love to help take some of the burden off your shoulders. 

If you’re ready to learn more, visit our website and book a strategic consultation with us

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